Alberti e Santi offers basics ​​of reliability and sustainability and commits to ensuring its customers and employees a quality service and in establishing rules and principles of respect for the environment and its inhabitants.

Alberti e Santi obtained the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certification, in order to guarantee services that comply with global standards and local regulations, to safeguard the satisfaction of who is already a customer and who will become. Through the achievement and renewal of the certification, the company shows the commitment to the continuous improvement of the Quality and the internal company processes, in order to implement safe process and efficient services.

Alberti and Santi takes care, in particular, of its employees and collaborators, which is why it is committed every day to improve working conditions. The company feels the need to have a complete and methodical tool to ensure its customers and their employees a service and treatment in compliance with the requests, as well as to improve the “management” of Quality, Environment and Safety and Health in the workplace.