Alberti e Santi offers an intermodal transport service: combined road-rail-road transport utilizing either containers and/or curtain sided trailers towards the EU, East Europe and Scandinavia markets thus optimizing the price/quality ratio.

For years, Alberti e Santi , has believed in intermodal transport, investing increasing amounts of resources in a sector in which we can provide a performance capable of meeting market needs. The reliability of the service is ensured by the exclusive use of drivers, who can be contacted at any time of the day or night, and by on-line connections to railway operators to communicate the position of the trailer even during the part of the journey on a railway wagon, with departure and arrival notification in various stations.

Thanks to our established rail transport network , we transport your goods in complete security and at the same time respecting the environment. A top quality service with competitive pricing with a eye to reducing the carbon footprint for the transport of your goods and securing the future of our environment.